Missing my Miami Vice. #nofilter #loveaswirl

Seems we are all in this mood together NYC. #beachwithdrawal 🌴

Bye bye tropics! #realitycheck #homebound #nofilter

Brunch with #mrmarlowe #paparazzibait

Until next time……#NYCbound

Let’s move #forward, not backward.

Below are my top 10 reasons for re-electing President Obama tomorrow.  These are the things that matter most to me.

#1. Abortion - My body, my business. Your body, your business. See the theme.

#2. Gay Rights - Yes, those should exist.  If two people are crazy enough to get married, they deserve that right. #rainbows4life

#3. Don’t ask, don’t tell - Free to be you and me!

#4. Lilly Ledbetter - I’m not busting my ass for $.75 to your dollar, sir.

#5. Planned Parenthood Funding - See #1. and PS they don’t just do abortions.

#6. Global Warming -  In the words of Romney: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans,” pausing for the audience to laugh at the absurdity, “and to heal the planet. My promise … is to help you and your family.” In the words of Lynette: “DO BOTH!!!!” #sandy #realitycheck

#7. Energy - I grew up next to a pump jack so I get it, oil is important. It’s not a reason to be short sighted on future sources. #wind #solar

#8. Foreign Policy - Mitt and I already pretty much agree on this one. #continueobama

#9. Immigration - (insert Mexican joke here) #DREAMact #selfdeportationisanotherwordfortorture

#10. Words - “47%” commentary, “binders of women”, “corporations are people”, “borrow money from your parents” to start a business…and the list goes on to fully illustrate a man out of touch with reality.  I don’t want a coffee/booze defying, Smithers endorsed man representing me and my country.  He is ideal for the Leave it to Beaver era, but let’s not go back in time.


Popcorn Penelope.

best show of the week.


ladies in latex.

#vagina #neon @cincoted @mrssmith (Taken with Instagram)

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